Within the context of rapid growth, IPGroup - official partner of two danish companies Inlead and Peytz - is looking for developers. Family atmosphere, interesting projects, comfortable conditions of work - all that, and even more, at IPGroup. Join our young team of highly qualified professionals - new and interesting job is waiting for you!


I’d like to work at IPGroup: Questions & Answers

What specialist are you looking for?

Typically, we recruit middles to seniors specialists. However, IPGroup is welcome talented (extremely talented) students and juniors, who are ready to learn and work hard. You can send us your CV even if have no particular position at the moment. As was mentioned, IPGroup is a growing company, so we are always in search of new members for our friendly team. 

What are your working hours? 

We have fixed hours when you should be at our working place: since 10-00 till 18-00. At the same time, we are not bad guys who control every your movement. Importantly, the work should be done in time. 

How do you check the proficiency level of your candidates? 

For those candidates who apply for a developer’s position we offer a test work as usual and then invite to an interview. That’s a usual practice, but, of course, we have an individual approach to every candidate. 

Are there any special language requirements in IPGroup?

It depends on the position you want to apply to. For some positions, knowledge of English is crucial. It is evident, that good English is highly appreciated in our company, but for those who have troubles with it - we offer English classes. 

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