Moldcamp 2015 - report

30 May 2015 10:00 - 31 May 2015 18:00

Well, 30-31 May were extremely productive and full of events. 28 presentations, speakers all over the world, multiplicity of themes, suitable for developers of all levels, and, of course, pleasant coffee breaks with great possibility to talk with other people and even more pleasant lotteries from the Diamond Sponsor of Moldcamp 2015 - IPGroup.

Moldcamp 2015 was visited by advanced developers, less experienced builders, students, and they all had a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with companies, specialising in Drupal. All that companies had the impressive quantity of printed materials, different kinds of branded souvenirs, and job boards.  

About presentations

Presentations, that took place during the Moldcamp 2015, were rather informative and interesting. You could easily find something new, but the style of perform gave you opportunity to catch up both theory and practice:

"I enjoyed Angela's and Nick's Presentation "OpenAtrium 2" most of all. I discoved this information new and useful, and the guys managed to do their report really cool and unboring. I also liked workshop organised by Ilia Dragan, we were learning to work with potential clients, in a new team and under the deadlines. Despite of the fact, that we didn't manage to do everuthing we planned and it was a little bit frustrating, that was a good experience", - says Mihaela Diminets, developer in IPGroup.   

"I saw the presentation of a positive and incredibly charmer Abayomi Ogundipe. He has shared his experience of spreading information about Drupal among kids and students from moldavian rural. That is an unique opportunity for them to get a well paid and interesting profession. Abayomi has in plans to publish an illustrated book about Drupal for children. I consider that he does a great job and all of us should learn from him, - shares her opinion Elena Krivoruciko, administrator in IPGroup.  

Presentation of our danish colleague, Jeppe Bergmann Hamming was also very interesting. He shared their (danish) experience of hosting of large and complex drupal projects. 

About gifts and lotteries

Perhaps, Moldcamp 2015 would not have been so dynamic and positive if IPGroup didn't organize so many competitions and lottery with great gifts. What nice-lovely-plesant fifts and surprises we had:

  • You could make a photo and get a magnet with it. Free.

  • Funny magnets-souveniers for developers

  • Thermo mugs, bags for notebooks for the winners of "Facebook likes" contest.

  • Big lottery: super-prize - XBOX One; the licence on PHP Storm, bags for notebooks.

  • And, of course, lots of small pleasant branded freebies: pens, caps, t-shirts etc  

Have you been on Moldcamp 2015? Will you go there in the next year?