26 November 2016 14:00 - 20:00


IPGroup became the main sponsor of the long-awaited amateur tournament of table football (kicker), which gave us the opportunity to name this tournament in honor of our Danish partners, Inlead and Peytz. We named it : "INLEAD and PEYTZ Cup". It took place on 26th of  November in Chisinau, at bul. Dacia, 35, from 14:00 to 20:00. The tournament was highlighted not only in social networks but also on the well-known entertainment and news sites (,,,, as well on national television.


The tournament was attended by teams from various IT companies such as: Endava, Simpals and  SEMSEO, guys from the "Erudite" club and people who are just fond of table kicker. A total of 14 teams participated in the tournament. Both experienced players, who know each other and usually participate in such kind of tournaments, and those beginners, who want to try their skills and look for experience in this sport, participated in our tournament. All of us were in great mood and excited with the flow of the game.



The results of our guys surpassed all our expectations. The teams, that represented IPGroup, took first, second and fourth places. Our guys  demonstrated a high level of craftsmanship, using techniques of different types and difficulty. And it was great! Ignoring the tiredness and without losing the courage and fortitude, our guys scored one by one goals in the gates of rivals. Our guys won exclusively in a fair battle.  



The surprise of the evening was a masterclass from the twice champion in table football from Russia, Konstantin Myasnikov. He shared his experience, showing his masterly passes, tricks and tactics.



A friendly atmosphere reigned at the tournament. All of us were sincerely rejoicing and applauding when beautifull games were played. And the majority of supporters from IPGroup were the most active and noisy, coming up with chants on the go. They raised  the team spirit and proved to everyone that we are not only a strong, but also a very close-knit team.