The IPGroup office life

The official date of "birth" of IPGroup - proud and gorgeous 11.11.11. There are 22 great persons in our staff for today (of course, we are in permanent growth, so, just in case, check out our job board, maybe we are looking foy you?). 

Hey-hey, here we are :) Not all of us, but many. 

We are a great team, and we have a nice kitchen in our office - a lovely place, where we can rest and eat (evidently)! 

In IPGroup we have excellent complex lunches (salad, soup and a second course). Besides that we have all kinds of tea-coffee-cookies, regular "cake" days and fruits. 

By the way, our kitchen has not only the eating zone. It's also a meeting place for those who play kicker (the majority of us) - great opportunity of active rest after which the work goes much better. 

There is no strict dress code in the office of IPGroup. Our employees often come to the office in the branded T-shirts from different IT events. Comfortable, nice and strengthens the team spirit. :)

The best developers in IPGroup, who work hard, get a pleasant bonus - an electric height adjustable table, which height can be adjusted, so you can code standing up or comfortably seating on a soft pouf. 

By the way, the developers in IPGroup work in small teams. Each team has its own separate cozy room with comfortable sofas for relaxation, pleasant decorations and, sometimes, room animals (ha ha): 

In the office of IPGroup, we have two meeting rooms: Dark Side and Light Side

Meeting Room Dark Side is under protection of Darth Vader (honestly saying, there is a huge banner with Darth's Vader pic directly opposite the entrance). 

Meeting Room Light Side is also securely protected:

For those who need to stretch the back a little, we have a horizontal bar. "Pull ups" mini-competitions are a fun. By the way, our girls also take part in them.