5 reasons to join Winter Drupal school 2016-2017

Great news for everybody who has knowledge in HTML, CSS, PHP and more. If you are proactive and always want to grow professionally, moreover, you want to learn something new and practical, then you have an unique possibility to enroll absolutely free in our Winter Drupal school, organized by IPGroup.

IPGroup company will be glad to help you advance and conquer new heights in the knowledge of CMS systems, namely Drupal.

There are at least five reasons that make you drop everything and enroll in our courses:

  • Drupal is an incredibly popular platform, flexible and stable for development of safe, high quality and durable sites in various fields.

  • Employment perspective and career development. For students from our Drupal school who will show the best results, these courses will be only a start, before sinking in the development of Drupal modules within IPGroup company. At first, we will offer the opportunity to begin your internship in our company as junior Drupal developer, lately, to be employed in IPGroup  as a full-time developer.

  • Courses will be conducted exclusively by experienced, certified Drupal developers who have completed lots of  projects on Drupal. Our developers will be able to answer your questions on any of 3 languages: Russian, Romanian, English, thus, each of your questions will be covered with our attention.

  • You will gain invaluable experience, most importantly, free, in a new area. In addition, you will work and study, creating your website. Moreover, you will work on a "live" project without “dry” theory.

  • Drupal is an open source CMS (open source content management system). Today considerable number of Drupal community users, is growing noticeably from year to year. More and more developers, designers, testers and enthusiasts are working on improvement and promotion of Drupal, that makes Drupal more common and easier to use, and, thus, facilitates your work in creation and support of sites.

Tempting? You think how to enroll?

Send your request on helloworld@ipgroup.md, adding “Drupal School” as a subject, indicating your skills in the IT sector. Do not forget to attach your CV. Stay up to date and develop together with our friendly IPGroup team !